Every Primia Cosmetici product comes from a careful selection of the active principles, from an advanced
cosmetic technology and from a deep knowledge of the skin.

In particular, the strengths of the brand Primia Cosmetici are the effectiveness of treatments and the respect
for skin. This is an indispensable factor for the safety of consumers, but even more so for the protection of
those who come in contact with cosmetics every day for long hours, that is, the beautician.

Skin’s safety is guaranteed by the absence of the most common sensitizing, irritating and allergenic

So, Primia Cosmetici products do not contain:

  • mineral oils derived from petroleum, non compatible with the skin and responsible for
    alterations of the skin;

  • substances of animal origin;

  • Polyethylenglycole (PEG), category of synthetic emulsifying, sensitizing for the skin;

  • fragrance allergens which may cause skin allergies and skin irritations;

  • sensitizing and allergenic preservatives (Imidazolidinyl urea, Diazolidinyl urea, Parabens).

Primia Cosmetici products contain:

  • vegetable functional ingredients and raw materials, pure vegetable cold-pressed oils and butters;

  • vegetable extracts dissolved in vegetable glycerin, a natural solvent having an emollient and moisturizing function;

  • allergens free scents in order to develop a natural fragrance and reduce the risks from perfume-related allergies.