Skin types

it is ideal for mature, dry, and wrinkled skin.


From the passion for nature, art and design it comes LA CREMA of the “COLLEZIONE PRIVATA”, the masterpiece among Primia Cosmetici treatment products, which immediately smoothes wrinkles and redefines facial contours protecting the skin from the harmful effects of the sun. A “high tech” formulation highly concentrated in myorelaxing biomimetic peptides, which are small protein fragments with a botox-like effect. They reduce contraction of facial mimetic muscles, which are responsible for expression wrinkles and represent a safe and non-invasive alternative to botulinum toxin used in aesthetic medicine. A treatment that transforms the skin day by day revealing its perfection and its natural beauty. LA CREMA of the “COLLEZIONE PRIVATA” is contained in a valuable collectible design handiwork, conceived with a double purpose: to be a rechargeable jar for the cream and to become a prestigious vase for perfumed essences or flowers, designed to last forever. The exclusive “COLLEZIONE PRIVATA” was created by the great lover of art and design Stefano Staurini, and handmade of blown glass and decorated with 24k gold by glass maker masters in Murano island Venice. The model and design are owned by Stefano Staurini and they are patented and placed under the protection of the law. The “COLLEZIONE PRIVATA” is distributed exclusively in the best department stores in the world.

Active ingredients

  • Biomimetic peptides
  • Hyaluronic acid with different molecular weights
  • Vit.A, Vit.E
  • Plant facelift complex
  • Vegetable moisturizing sugars

Directions for use

after the cleansing, apply, morning and evening, on face and neck gently massaging.


50 ml