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Skin aging and, in particular, constant exposure to environmental aggressions determine degenerative alterations in the dermis and epidermis. Consequences are visible: skin is more fragile, less supple, lines and wrinkles appear. That is why, as years go by, the skin requires specific and highly performing treatment products, specifically formulated to compensate the slowing down of skin functions and to prolong skin youth.


On the occasion of its 50 years dedicated to beauty with passion and enthusiasm, Primia‘s Research conceived the Limited Edition of the Anniversary treatment for a highly innovative cosmetic action which globally corrects wrinkles and lines of expression.

Collezione Privata


The cosmetic line Oxyrevitage is developed from the exclusive association of an ozonide, ozonized argan oil, with vitamin A and vitamin C, to offer, besides the advantages of oxygen supply, all the effectiveness of vitamins. As a consequence, it speeds up epidermis cell and collagen fibers renewal improving skin firmness and softening expression lines and wrinkles.