Primia Cosmetici brand is the result of a long lasting activity in the world of Beauty. The history of Primia, which is a family-run parent company, started in 1965 through a team of people who has been able to convert their passion for the aesthetic world into a successful business. Born as a specialized structure for providing consulting and training services in the professional cosmetic industry, Primia soon become an important reference point in the world of aesthetic, not only on a regional level. For this reason, thanks to the knowledge and motivation gained from this long experience, in 2007 Primia Cosmetici brand was founded, in order to be a dynamic and young brand, whose strengths are accuracy, products effectiveness and safety, innovation based on technological and scientific research, dealing with the own needs of every single person to offer customized solutions and long lasting result.



Primia Cosmetici considers the individual needs of every woman, for the purpose of listening to them, responding to real necessities. Primia Cosmetici wants women to have a correct relationship with their own beauty, in order to increase its value, with products and technologies able to offer customized solutions and long lasting result for face and body. Beautician has a fundamental role. She helps women to find the beauty of a healty face and an harmonious body, through products and technologies which Primia Cosmetici is ready to offer.


Giving to beautician all the instruments to increase the value of woman’s beauty, is the mission that Primia Cosmetici pursues from the beginning of its activity. Primia Cosmetici doesn’t provide only high quality products and technologies in order to guarantee the success of beautician, but also services that support her professionalism by giving added value to her work. These services are: costant updating and training, in-home consulting services, business and technical material for each product and work method, direct online and telephone consulting with professional work team.