Skin types

suitable for all types of cellulite and local fat deposits.


Inorganic peloid constituted by a predominant amount of dolomitic silt enriched with clay. It is suitable for the preparation of muds for all skin types, for the professional cosmetic treatment of skin blemishes due to cellulite and localized adiposity, in the presence of fluid retention and circulatory problems. Thanks to the pleasure of the application and the peculiar cosmetic properties it is ideal even for a wellness and sensory treatment. On the skin surface it creates an occlusive effect which increases the absorption of the active ingredients previously applied and boosts its slimming action. It promotes the drainage of fluids in excess present in the skin tissue by counteracting swellings, the feeling of heaviness and reducing the unaesthetic “orange peel” that characterizes cellulite areas. It is ideal also for the most sensitive skins and during pregnancy as it is additives free, it does not cause reddening and it does nod heat up. Thanks to its richness in minerals, it produces on the skin surface a remineralizing, smoothing and toning effect leaving the skin particularly soft, firm and velvety. An intrumental "in vivo" evaluation on the efficacy of Dolomitic Silt given the following results: Anti-cellulite action: it improves the microcirculatory flow, has a significant draining effect on excess liquids, has an oxygenating effect on the tissues affected by cellulite, improves the metabolism of the adipocytes, is fully compatible with teleangiectasias as it does not produce vasodilatation. Firming action: it improves the firmness of the cutaneous and subcutaneous tissues. Smoothing and anti-wrinkle action: it reduces the roughness of the skin texture with a resulting reduction of deep wrinkles.

Active ingredients

  • 100% dolomitic silt
  • Mineral composition: silicon, calcium, aluminum, magnesium, iron, potassium, sodium, titanium, phosphorus, manganese oxides.

Directions for use

Pour in a bowl two capfuls of Dolomitic Silt and one of warm or cold water (it is suggested to use mineral water instead of tap water) mixing until the mixture becomes creamy. Spread the mud obtained on skin surface molding it with your hands (recommended to wear gloves) in order to obtain an even layer. Wrap the body in a cartene sheet and let the client relax for at least 30 minutes with thermo-blanket on low heat. An excellent alternative to enhance the treatment is the steam massage bed. Then proceed with a shower. Complete the treatment with a specific massage using the Comfort Oil. The Dolomitic Silt can be combined with Lipoxycel professional treatment.


700 GR