Primia Cosmetici: Lipoxycel body treatment video tutorial


Altered cutaneous microcirculation and the subsequent retention of fluids and toxins, together with build up of fat in the hypodermis, lead to the appearance of the typical “orange peel” or “cottage cheese” look of cellulite.

The Research Primia Cosmetici has fine tuned LYPOXYCEL cosmetic programme, an original formula turning fat padding into firm tissue* through 3 phases:

1) shock treatment and preparation
2) reducing action and drainage
3) oxygenating-sculpting action

The look of “dimpled skin” is reduced
The skin feels smoother and firmer
The figure appears more refined
You gain in firmness what you lose in fat padding!
All Primia Cosmetici treatments don’t contain paraffin, parabens, PEG and allergens.

* Action against cellulite blemishes, it doesn’t entail weight loss

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