Skin types

it is ideal for delicate skin, made sensitive by atmospheric agents, with diffuse reddening.


sensitive skin is often fair and thin, dehydrated with tendency to reddening and prematurely marked. The epidermis in sensitive and intolerant skin presents an alteration on its barrier function, which normally protects the skin from external aggressions and helps to maintain its hydration. This deficiency of the barrier decreases the defense of the skin against the external environment and increases the loss of water from the deep layers resulting in dry skin, hypersensitivity and early signs of aging. To prevent thin, reactive and sensitive skin to be prematurely marked, Primia Cosmetici made the Friendly Program, which preserves the epidermal integrity counteracting the first signs of aging. The extracts of calendula and chamomile and the bisabolol soothe redness while the extracts of blueberry, carrot and chestnut play a protective and anti-aging action. Zinc oxide and glycyrrhetinic acid have a positive anti-redness action in the epidermis. Finally, precious plant oils and butters stengthen the skin barrier by promoting optimal hydration. The accurate selection of cosmetic ingredients and the absence of potentially sensitizing ingredients, thanks to its high skin tolerability, make the treatment particularly suitable even to the most problematic skins.

Active ingredients

  • Zinc oxide
  • Glycyrrhetinic acid
  • Blueberry
  • Carrot extract
  • Camomile extract
  • Calendula officinalis extract
  • NMF (natural moisturizing factor)

Directions for use

refer to Friendly professional method.


face serum sensitive skin 10 X 0,17 fl.oz. - face mask sensitive skin 10 X 0,3 fl.oz. - face cream sensitive 10 X skin 0,3 fl.oz.