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Aging, excessive exposure to UV rays, incorrect habits like smoking and drinking alcohol, environmental pollution and stress are factors which damage the skin cells. They cause premature skin ageing and the typical signs of ageing prematurely appear (wrinkles, loss of tone and elasticity, dryness). A regenerating cosmetic treatment is advisable to ensure a more youthfull, smooth, radiant and firmer skin, an anti-wrinkles effect against deep wrinkles and expression lines, a protection from the oxidizing stress.


THE DERMOSTAMINE TECHNOLOGY FOR CELL REGENERATION The Primia Cosmetici research has fine tuned the Dermostamine Programme with PhytoCellTec against skin ageing and imperfections caused by oxidizing stress. PhytoCellTec is a stem cell extract, transmitted by liposomes, taken from a precious variety of Swiss apple, which represents the most recent and innovative scientific cosmetology conquest to lengthen the bloom of youth of the skin.