cleansing and preparation

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The beauty of your skin starts from cleansing products which ensure a perfect and extremely gentle daily cleansing, suitable even for sensitive skin.


A line expressly conceived for a gentle and perfect cleansing, cleaning skin deeply, softening it, and preparing it to the following specific treatments. Extremely gentle cosmetic formulations, rich in vegetable functional substances ideal for all skin types, cleanse while preserving the hydrolipidic film, favouring moisturization, and preventing reddening and therefore ensuring absolute comfort.


To prevent subtle, problem, and delicate skin premature aging, Primia Cosmetici has formulated a cosmetic treatment preserving dermis integrity. Vegetable functional substances, softening and soothing, relieve unpleasant feelings right from the first application while at the same time improving the skin natural defences, moisturizing, and protecting it. The accurate selection of cosmetic ingredients of each product makes this treatment particularly suitable to the most problem prone skin too.


A cosmetic treatment making use of the latest discoveries in the cosmetic field conceived to meet the needs of shiny, combination, impure, and imperfection-prone skin. Ultra light and comfortable texture contrasting the shiny look of the T zone (forehead, nose, chin), neutralizing the appearance of imperfections, and revealing, day by day, an even, radiant, and smooth skin.