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Everyone has a smooth layer of body fat just beneath the skin, individual amounts of which depend on weight and lifestyle. This body fat acts as an insulator for the body, cushions the organs, muscles and nerves and serves as your energy reserve.  When all is working well in the system, waste products are removed and a smooth appearance is the result. Normal fat cells turn to cellulite when the body is out of balance due to stress, poor blood and lymphatic circulation and cell oxygenation or dehydration.  This state of imbalance causes fats, fluids and toxins to be trapped deep beneath the skin.  When this happens, the connective tissue between cells thicken and harden, resulting in a dimpling effect. The answer to this hard problem is to stimulate the metabolism of adipose tissue and favour the natural drainage of fluids and toxins.


Altered cutaneous microcirculation and the subsequent retention of fluids and toxins, together with build up of fat in the hypodermis, lead to the appearance of the typical “orange peel” or “cottage cheese” look of cellulite. Primia Cosmetici has fine tuned Lipoxycel program, an original formula turning fat padding into firm tissue through 3 phases: step 1 shock treatment and preparation step 2 reducing action and drainage step 3 oxygenating-sculpting action