Skin types

suitable for all skin types


An exfoliating mixture of coconut microgranules and sea salt for deep down cleansing, to eliminate dead cells and impurities and to leave the skin with a pleasant cool sensation. - Very suitable for dry, sagging and sensitive body skin. - Right from the first application, it resurfaces and smoothes the skin surface leaving it soft and deliciously perfumed. - The flowery and powdery fragrance is rich in natural essences, to envelop the body with its HEAD notes of orange blossom, coconut and anise, HEART of jasmine, cyclamen, tiara and lily-of-the-valley, and BASE notes of vanilla, sandal wood and white musk. The exfoliating action can be adjusted according to need. - For a gentle exfoliating action, on sensitive and fine skin, apply the scrub to the skin previously dampened with warm water or mix the scrub with some drops of Biorelax Body oil; - For a stronger exfoliating action, on thick and rough skin, massage the scrub on dry skin. Parabens free, Mineral oils free, SLES-SLS free, PEG free, Formaldehyde releasers free, Colorants free, Silicons free, Dermatologically tested, Vegan.

Active ingredients

  • Sea salt
  • Sunflower seed oil
  • Shea butter
  • Cocoa butter
  • Coconut microgranules
  • Hemp oil
  • Sandalwood essential oil

Directions for use

massage the product on the skin with upwards circular movements starting from the feet and proceeding towards abdomen, trunk and arms. Massage harder on the roughest areas: heels, knees and elbows. Then, emulsify with water till a soft foam appears and remove the residues with a wet sponge or a shower. Do not use on irritated or damaged skin.


250 ml